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With 46 million sf globally and growing, this creative tech client teamed with SkB Architects to develop the Design Language for Place, a conceptual as well as practical living document that articulates the principles, guidelines, and ‘big idea’ characteristics that define the next evolution of the company’s culture and how to express it in every aspect of the creative tech giant’s real estate portfolio. This document diverges – critically – from being a mere “kit of parts” or prescriptive formula that many companies use, and instead elevates the design discussion into exploring exactly what makes a space feel, look, and function as a reflection of the creative tech brand and culture.

According to the Experience Design Lead for the client, “The feedback we get from both architects and our internal peers has been overwhelmingly positive. We think the embrace comes in part because the look is unexpected in a technology business. You see so many high-tech interiors that are bright white, with a splash of color on one wall, and a scooter running through the shot. That brand belongs to others. By contrast, the warm, inviting, and human essence of our Design Language stands apart, with a timelessness designed to keep it relevant for years to come.”

SkB founder and principal, Shannon Gaffney, was invited to speak on the Design Language for Place alongside the client at the 2017 World Design Summit in Montreal, Canada.