Esteemed jeweler Ben Bridge selected SkB Architects to evolve the design of its next generation store prototype. With the new store look and enhanced experience, the Seattle-based jeweler is looking to better reflect its unique culture and make shopping for jewelry more fun. SkB will leverage the more than 100 year history of the company and continue its drive to welcome a new generation of shoppers while still appealing to its core customers.

“We chose SkB for their deep portfolio of experience and the thoughtful way they see the world. We look forward to partnering with them to translate Ben Bridge’s distinctiveness into an engaging retail environment that we think our customers will love,” said Marc Bridge, Vice President of Marketing.

The roll-out of the new prototype is set to take place at an existing Seattle-area Ben Bridge location in the Spring of 2018. Further renovations and remodels based on the new prototype are anticipated through 2020. Founded in Seattle in 1912, Ben Bridge has over 90 stores across the Western United States and Canada.