Location: Seattle (prototype) Size: 2800 sf

Making jewelry accessible to everyone is the goal for this store design. To address changing demographics and the way people shop, Ben Bridge sought a better way to connect with it’s customers and re-imagine the jewelry shopping experience. Breaking down the physical and psychological barriers that prevent potential customers from entering, the design adopts a casual and approachable aesthetic that enables customers to wander into the store on their own terms. The design, a prototype being rolled out to other locations, merges ideas of retail with hospitality to create an environment rich in experience and a place where everyone feels welcome.

Touch points and a variety of settings were introduced to allow staff to tailor their engagement with customers based on the customer themselves. The space features a variety of ways for customers to engage with staff and merchandise: two horseshoe cabinets and side-by-side sales displays, vertical vitrines to highlight specific seasonal display, workshop tables for larger groups to explore jewelry design, either directly or virtually through holographic imagery, and a lounge for casual one-on-one relationships or as a place to relax while your companions shop.