Location: Seattle (prototype) Size: 2800 sf

Jewelry is often seen as precious and only for the that “special occasion”. Ben Bridge wanted to broaden this perception with the belief that some of our best pieces are better when “lived in”. The patina and character of the piece over time tells a story unique to its owner. As such, the store experience should also exude the same feel of comfort and authenticity. Making jewelry accessible to everyone was a primary goal for this store design.

Two feature spaces, the Alchemy Lab and Diamond Bar, infuse the space with interactivity. The Alchemy Lab, essentially a watchmaker’s studio, elevates watch repair to theater. Here, customers can watch and engage with the watchmaker. The Lab adopts a moody atmosphere, with vintage, scissor-style lab lights and a custom-designed door constructed of 300 leather watchbands.

The Diamond Bar is a lounge-like setting that allows customers to socialize, shop, and escape from the bustle that often accompanies shopping. A leather-wrapped drink rail, upholstered casework panels and peak-a-boo display cases allow the customer to investigate and explore jewelry in a casual setting. As an homage to the past, the new store integrates an original wooden curio display cabinet into the layout, featuring a vintage diamond cutter and jewelry.