Location: Seattle, WA          Size: 4,000 sf

Made famous by the Disney / Pixar movie "Up", Edith Macefield was a longtime Seattle resident who had lived in her home for close to 50 years. A large commercial development sprung up around her, yet Edith wished to remain and had no intention of being forced to leave her home. She famously turned down numerous offers from developers to sell her home, even passing up $1 million dollars for the modest dwelling. In the process, she unwittingly became a cultural hero for resisting the temptation to "sell out" in the name of "progress". When Edith passed away, the house ultimately went into foreclosure. SkB was brought in to explore and present different conceptual options of how to keep the house largely in tact but augment it to serve a greater community use and honor Edith's memory in the process.