Location: Seattle, WA          Size: 12,500 SF

The Seattle office for this global management consultant firm wanted to evolve their new space to be more inviting and hospitality-like but still be a place for getting serious work done. The 12,500 sf space needed to flex and accommodate their open-ended, non-assigned work environment without sacrificing the incredible 360 degree vistas the space has to offer along with employees’ needs for client privacy.

To meet these needs, the space contains an open work lounge, a multi-use work café, and abundant private meeting / focus spaces. From the elevator lobby, guests are greeted by a large array of greenery, hospitality seating and expansive views of Elliott Bay. Fitting, as connection to nature and outdoor views were a driving goal for the space leading to the mission statement for the office design to “create the urban garden…in the sky.” Soothing greens, blues and wood tones define the space, evoking connections to a forest canopy. Leafy plants fill the outdoor decks and ample seating further served to connect the indoors to the outside and provide alternate work areas.

A reduction in perceived formality was another key goal with great emphasis given to the creation of an energetic, casual and social atmosphere rich in textures, layers and personalization. The resulting design puts social spaces, collaboration spaces and visual connectedness at the forefront, while pushing away ideas of traditional offices, closed doors and formality. Visitors are left with an experience of warmth, nature, layers of texture, personalization, light and intimate human-scale.

The project is comprised of high-quality office furnishings and conference space with an emphasis on flexibility and transparency using glass and natural light.  Custom design elements include seating spaces, cabinetry, a steel interior canopy and partitions with colored glass, copper pipe wall pieces, wood wall paper ceilings, countertops and glass fixtures.