Location: Seattle, WA          Size: 12,500 SF

SkB led the Seattle office of a global management consultant firm through an evolution from a conventional private office and ‘cube’ environment to an almost entirely unassigned open workplace made up of a wide variety of alternative work points, social spaces, and collaboration areas.

A series of curated, deep dive discovery, visioning and planning sessions helped illustrate the actual activities and interactions that they needed. An array of planning options explored increasingly more flexible and varied environments. This were paired with ‘Day in the Life’ scenarios that helped them understand how the spaces might get used and how they reflected back to the vision.

The space supported how they wanted to work, not how they had been working. It is a highly flexible environment that offers great choice in where and how to work. It values social spaces that support alone and together. It is casual yet professional. It is open and private.

SkB worked with leadership and the entire staff on a change management program to help everyone understand what was coming and how to use it.