Location: Seattle, WA.           Size:1,000 sf. 

Merging cafe with showroom, the design for La Marzocco’s first-and-only retail space takes its inspiration from La Marzocco’s Florentine factory and the La Marzocco espresso machines themselves—a merger of Italian heritage, meticulous craftsmanship, and thoughtful attention to detail and material. The resulting immersive experience captures the essence of the La Marzocco brand through a sensory rich environment that includes sight, touch, smell and taste. 

“We are driven by the human experience, an emphasis on place making and a design process based on investigation and discovery. We were very excited to learn that La Marzocco shared a similar set of beliefs, and so our journey together began. We worked with the team at La Marzocco to create and design a unique retail environment that provides a place for customers to gather and connect through coffee. But also to create an immersive experience that provides an education for customers about La Marzocco’s rich history, artisan craft, high quality and the significance of their machines within the coffee industry,” Kyle Gaffney, Founding Partner, SkB Architects.