Location: San Jose, CA

SkB was brought in by a real estate group interested in purchasing an under-performing office park. The hope was to inject some new life and vibrancy into the park post-acquisition - but with limited dollars spent. With a very tight budget, the client thought that critical dollars should go to the lobbies of the individual buildings in order to attract and retain tenants. After further investigation SkB determined that it was the buildings themselves, and more specifically the spaces between the buildings, that would present the greatest return on effort while also differentiating the park from other competing office parks.

SkB's ideas to re-energize the park encompassed several forms: outdoor seating areas would be created, some from re-purposed industrial culverts. Covered walkways would be installed with colored glass which made the walk from car to the office drier, more comfortable and more colorful. Landscaping could be improved and include large planters provided new visual medians to the previously barren access streets. Grassy, rolling berms could be added to hide the parking lot and rows of cars. The end result? A concrete desert designed for the car would be reclaimed and activated with people, all within a very limited renovation budget. Rather than leaving the site for lunch or staying inside to eat or meet at a kiosk, tenants and guests actively use the outdoor spaces to eat, meet and socialize and bring much needed energy to the entire site as a whole.