Senior Interior Designer

Qualitative - General Firm Expectations:

•    Exhibit high degree of self-motivation and enthusiasm
•    Contribute reasonable “sacrifice” (in the service of responsibility, accountability, and empathy to clients, projects, and teammates)
•    Employ “rapid-prototyping” practices (producing multiple options, quickly to facilitate problem solving)
•    Create client-oriented presentations so they “get it” and “want it”
•    Convey firm “advocacy” both inside and outside the studio
•    Work as an extension of the principals’ hands and creativity
•    Work within a vibrant, high-energy environment and be adaptable to change on a regular basis

Quantitative - “Ideal” candidate should demonstrate the following skill set / knowledge base:

•    Design – ability to design interiors that are spatially oriented and humanistically driven. Holistic approach that considers material, color, texture, lighting, and furniture.
•    Programming – strong knowledge of programming techniques and ability to implement them with client and end-user groups.
•    Documentation – strong knowledge of construction document production, consultant coordination, and detailing. Ability to both generate and direct production activities.
•    Construction – knowledge of the construction process and ability to independently participate in the CA phase.
•    Finishes – strong knowledge of the latest available materials and their appropriate applications, availability, and cost. Ability to independently generate and develop palettes.
•    Furniture – strong knowledge of key commercial and residential furniture manufacturers’ product lines for use in firm projects. Ability to make selections and develop furniture specifications.
•    Communication – strong graphic, written, and verbal communication skills. Ability to present ideas and strategies quickly, thoughtfully, and concisely. Hand sketching abilities are critical.
•    Management – ability to be sensitive to project fees, budgets, schedules. Ability to manage design process and supervise workflow of design and production support staff.

Candidate Qualifications:

•    Minimum B.S. or B.A. in Interior Design or Interior Architecture and 8+ years related professional experience
•    Proven design experience in similar project types and sizes and team structures
•    Experience with and ability to use Revit, AutoCad, In-Design, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word and Excel