Project: The ToDD          Location: Seattle, WA          Size: 1,971 SF house + 322 SF garage

The ToDD Residence emerged from the concept of how to create an urban farmhouse, while finding a way to push the limits of usable space within a very restricted footprint. 

With economy of size and a play on scale in mind, the house is composed of a two distinct masses which complement one another in size, function, and color. A white, two-story volume contains the functional spaces - living, eating, sleeping, and takes full advantage of its height to maximize the space within.  This primary mass is anchored by a deep gray, single-story volume which houses the home office and guest spaces.  Both are interconnected by an outdoor terrace that serves as an additional room.  

Economy of scale is carried throughout the house through the spatial exercise of planning for necessity verses excess.  By paring down the size of living spaces and bedrooms to their minimums, and by utilizing provisions such as a galley Kitchen with open built-in, pantry shelving at its perimeter, a deeper sense of unity is achieved.